The order cycle

The order cycle

Each order you raise will go through a number of steps, usually in this order

  1. admin opening the order,
  2. everyone adding their items to cart,
  3. the admin preparing the order
  4. admin collecting payments
  5. admin sending & paying for the order to H2G
  6. H2G packing & dispatching the order
  7. you receiving the order
  8. unpacking and distributing the order

Orders must be opened and submitted & paid within 4 weeks

No Open Order 
If your admin has not opened an order, you will not see any order information on your homepage dashboard. You will also not be able to see pricing on any products or add any item to your cart. 

Open Order
When an order is opened, admins usually send an 'Order Open' email to notify all members of the closing date. To participate in this group order, simply add the desired items to your cart before the deadline. Any items left in the cart upon order closure will be deemed submitted.

While the order is active, you can easily add items to your cart, split products, and make group purchases to take advantage of case discount pricing. To view the items in your cart, click on the CART icon in the top right corner and make any necessary adjustments to your order.

Members can only add, edit or remove items when the order is active and open. When the order is moved to pending, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your order unless you are a Group Admin. 

Many Admins will send a reminder when the order is closing soon. It is advised that you check the list of unfulfilled splits and the savings tab to see where you can make the best savings by reaching our case pack savings. Should an open split not be fulfilled, there is a chance you will not receive that item on your order. 

To check open splits go to
  1. Products
  2. Open Splits 

To check which items your group is close to or has reached the quantity threshold to achieve savings, go to
  1. Products 
  2. Savings 

The splits and savings menu will only appear under the products tab once there is an active split or savings product in someones cart. 

Order Pending 

Once the order close date has passed, you will see a notice that the order is now pending. This means your admin is busy at work getting the order finalised to go to the Honest to Goodness warehouse. 

This includes reconciling any remaining open splits, collecting payments and paying Honest to Goodness for the order. They will tell you when the order is closed, and will likely request payment for your portion of the order at this time. They will let you know the best way to submit that payment to them directly. If you have any question about your order at this stage, it is best to contact your administrator directly. 

Admins: You members can not longer make changes to their cart. The cannot add or remove items. You as admin can add items or remove items from your cart or any of your members carts. You can change/remove any splits. You can also re-open or cancel the order. While an order is pending, you will be able to mark your members as having made a payment. 

Order Closed 

When the order switches to closed, that means that it is now with Honest to Goodness. Our warehouse will be busy at work picking everything for the order and getting it dispatched to you. 

Your group admin will have up-to-date information about the order status and when it is expected to arrive, as well as when your group unpacking and / or collection is due to take place. 

Admins ontYour order will change to closed once you submit your order to Honest to Goodness. You cannot make any further changes at this point. You can pay for your order by credit card or you can choose direct deposit and send funds to Honest to Goodness (Send a remittance to to make sure there are no delays on releasing your order!) 
If Honest to Goodness let you know that an item has gone out of stock since you placed your order, you can remove it from your members cart which will change the total that they owe you. 

For Administrators

Here is a more in depth walk through of the order cycle

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