Setting up you user account

Setting up you user account

Need information on the first step to setting up a Buying Group? 

Once your Buying Group account is set up,  or your admin has invited you to be a part of their buying group (Members), you will need to set up your user account. 

You will recevie an invitation from the email address giving you an introdution to Group Goodness and letting you know that you need to create your user account. 

Creating an account is easy! 

In the email there will be a link that takes you to Group Goodness

If it is your first time setting up an account, please select Sign Up

You cannot use one email address to be a member of more than one group. If you wish to belong to more than one buying group, you need to use a different email for each of them


You can choose to sign up with your email address or with your Google Login.

If you choose to use your email address, enter it and choose a password.
If you choose to use your google login, please note when you log back in please select the  button each time you login. 



Once you enter your email & choose your password, you will be asked to set up your profile.





Once your profile is set up, you will need to verify your email address. A verification email will be sent to the email that you entered to set up your account. 

Follow the links to verify your email address. 

You will then be able to login to Group Goodness and see your dashboard


If you are having trouble receiving your verification email, try checking your Junk Mail. We recommend checking on a computer rather than a phone.
The email will come from with the su
bject lineVerify your email for Goodness Buying Group

Once you have searched your junk and if you still can't locate the verification email please raise a ticket below and we will be back to you shortly

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