Navigating Group Goodness

Navigating Group Goodness

The top menu will show either 3 or 4 tabs to navigate the site. 

HOME: keeping you up to datewith news and insights
PRODUCTS: where you will shop & view our range
ORDERS: view your own personal history
(Group Admins Only) GROUP ADMIN: manage orders & your members


To access and modify your profile details, such as your payment ledger, click on your name located in the top right corner of the screen next to your cart.

PAYMENT LEDGER: displays the balance you owe after deducting any credits.

It is recommended to include your name, email, contact number and address when creating or updating your profile to assist the administrator in managing the group and ensuring timely delivery of your purchases.
You cannot use one email address to be a member of more than one group. To be part of more than one buying group, you need to use a different email for each of them



As the group admin, you will do most of your administration work in the Group Admin Tab

There are 3 sub-tabs to navigate with (ignore Group Details, it's not functional

ORDERS: Open a new order or view the groups order history
MEMBERS: Add or remove members, send custom emails and view payment ledger details
OPEN INVITES: a list of members who have been invited but have not set up their account yet
Unfortunately we are unable to change your email address at this stage. If you need to change your email, the best way is to set up a new account with your new email. 

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