Viewing and printing your order data

Viewing and printing your order data

Now that your order has arrived the task at hand of physically managing splits and each person's individual order is made easier with reports you can download specific to the order. 

Group Admin > Orders > Find order in question (should be at the top). 
Click the   button and select from the follwing reports:
There are a number of options for you to export your order data. These include: 
  1. A CSV (Excel) Members Split Sort Sheet: allows you to see your members split and how much they have each ordered 
  2. A PDF Member Sorting Sheet: all items split by item to show which members have bought which item 
  3. A CSV (Excel) Member Product QTY Allocation: listing product name, member who ordered it, QTY they ordered
  4. A CSV (Excel)Order QTY and Pricing: A detailed order breakdown including each line ordered and the price, tax status, QTY and any discount 
  5. PDF Member Invoices: a member breakdown of amount owing, paid, items ordered, prices and their order totals. You can see credits applied on their invoice. 

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