Group Admin tab

Group Admin tab

As Group Admin, you will manage most of your admin duties for your group by first selecting the Group Admin tab. 

You will be able to manager: 
  1. Your orders 
  2. Your members 
  3. You payments


To access: 
  1. Group Admin
  2. Orders

From here:
  1. if you don't have an order open you can open one,
  2. you can select an open or closed order from the listYou can then see all the below features
This article will walk you through the three tabs that will appear when you choose one of your orders, or after you open a new order. It will also walk you through the other admin functions below

Information you can access:
  1. Order Totals: costs, shipping and weight 
  2. Order Actions: Email communications, keep track of the actions you have performed
  3. Order Thresholds: order minimum and discount thresholds
  4. See Your Potential Savings: a convenient shortcut to your savings tab

This information will update as you and your members add items to your user carts.

You as admin can add to your cart (or any of your members) both from the order tab or from the products tab. 

Both the 'Line Items' and 'Member Items' tabs will being to populate as the group adds items to their carts. You as admin will have full visibility and access to change your members carts and orders from these tabs. 


View, add or edit a split or a line item

Any splits, open or completed, will show at the top of the line items tab. All complete line items (a single item) can be seen below the list of splits. You can amend these splits and line items, add to them or remove them from this tab. Just select the down arrow at the far right of the item you want to amend and you will see a number of options: 

  1. Add new members to this open split or line item
  2. Change the QTY assigned to existing member on the split or line item

Add a new item or split
You can also start a new split or add a new whole line to any members order from the 'Line Items' tab.

  1. Click the blue 'Add Member Item' 
  2. Select the member you want to add the item or split to
  3. Search for the product
  4. Add the full item by choosing: 'Add to Cart' 
  5. Start a new split by choosing 'Split', enter the QTY and 'Add to Cart' 


The members tab allows you to see what is in your members carts, record their payment status and mark any out of stock or damaged items against your members. You can also add items to your members cart from this screen, giving you the flexibility to add items and splits to carts from many different touch points. 

Add Items or splits
There are two ways you can add items or splits to your members carts from the Member Items tab. You can use the blue 'Add Member Item' Button and follow the prompts. Or you can find the member you want to add items to, select the down arrow to the far right, and use the blue 'add items' button. 

Mark Payments 
Once your order is pending or closed, you will be able to mark a payment against your members. This is be visible to them in their payment ledger so they can use that as a reference of how much to pay.

Credit Your Members
If you need to credit a member for a missing item you can do so by finding the member, then the item and choosing the 3 dots to the right hand side. Select Not Received or Damaged and record the amount that was recevied. If nothing was received or you have been notifed of an out of stock, record that 0 were received. If one was missing, reduce your total by 1. 
If you member has already paid, you will notice the payment status will change to 'over payment', you can choose to apply this credit to your members next order or you could refund them. If you choose to refund them, just reduct the payment amount by the credit amount to balance their ledger. 
If you have credit to add to your members left over from the old portal, you can do so by marking a payment against that member after they place their first order. This will reduce the amount they owe in their ledger by the credit amount. 

eg. I have a credit of $10 and my cart is $50, my ledger will show $40. 

A credit/overpayment will show as a negative such as: 


This email feature offers a number of built in templets as well as a free text option. The order related templets will only appear when you are up to that stage in your order process. ie. Order payment will become available when your order moves to 'PENDING'. If you would like to see what the templets say just click here 


You will see a number of actions you can take when you click the change order status button. They have an explaination under each one: hen y

When your order moves to 'PENDING' after you select 'Prepare Order', these options will change: 

In the above case, there is an error stopping me from submitting the order. If there is nothing wrong, you will be able to submit the order to H2G once you are happy with it. You will see the option to pay with a credit card or you can choose direct deposit. 


There are a number of options for you to export your order data. These include: 
  1. A CSV (Excel) Members Split Sort Sheet: allows you to see your members split and how much they have each ordered 
  2. A PDF Member Sorting Sheet: all items split by item to show which members have bought which item 
  3. A CSV (Excel) Member Product QTY Allocation: listing product name, member who ordered it, QTY they ordered
  4. A CSV (Excel)Order QTY and Pricing: A detailed order breakdown including each line ordered and the price, tax status, QTY and any discount 
  5. PDF Member Invoices: a member breakdown of amount owing, paid, items ordered, prices and their order totals. You can see credits applied on their invoice. 


This is the section you need to access to: 
  1. Add members
  2. Remove members
  3. Promote a member to admin
  4. Demote an admin back to a member
  5. View your members payment ledgers
  6. Help you members re-set their passwords. 

For more information, see Maintaining your members

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