Viewing Your Group Cart as a Group Admin: By Line and By Member Cart

How do I see what members have added to cart?

As group admin, you can see your entire group cart at any time. You can choose to view this by line or by member cart. 


To view all the products in your group cart and who has ordered each product: 

  1. Group Admin Tab
  2. Choose your order 
  3. Line Items 

Any splits will be listed at the top first, followed by an alphabetical list of all items in your group cart. 
To see who has ordered the product, select the down arrow to the far right of the product line. 

You can also add or remove products or splits to your own or other members carts from this tab. 


You can also view all items in your group cart broken down by each members cart. 

  1. Group Admin Tab
  2. Choose your order 
  3. Member Items 
You can see each members cart and view more details by expanding their carts to the right hand side. 

You can view any order, even once closed by this same breakdown. 

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