Communication between group admin and group members

Communication between group admin and group members

How, why and when your group chooses to communicate is completely up to you. It is your community.
Many admins use a facebook group, an email group or some other method to keep communiation going. We have tried to make things a little easier for you by allowing commincation out of the portal.

At this stage it is one way only, from admin -> member/s. Please make you members aware that if they reply, the email will not reach you so they need to forward the email to your email address for you to get the message. 

You can send a member related email from the members tab or order specific emails by opening the order and clicking 'Email Group'


Custom / Free Text 

This option allows you to write a free type message to one / those who have ordered or all of your group. 
This option does not include an introduction or a sign off. Here is what it looks like: 

Order Now Open

This templet will let all your members know that there is an order now open and when it is closing. Here is what it looks like 

Order Closing Soon
This templet will let all members know that your open order is closing soon. It will also list any open splits.
Here is what it looks like: 

Order Payment Due
This templet will let members who have placed orders know that their payment is now due. It will list the amount due and the order reference as well as the payment details you outlined when you opened the order. It will not list any credits, however your members can view these by logging into their profile and checking their payment ledger. There is a note about that in the templet. 

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