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You can view the following items by selecting your cart in the top right corner
  1. Product Total excluding GST
  2. Product Total including GST
  3. Shipping cost excluding GST.
    Note: shipping is calculated based on the weight of your proportion of the order. This number will also fluctuate as you and your fellow group members add to your carts and as our system locates the cheaper option for your group's order.
    When the order moves to processing, you will be able to see your final shipping cost. 
  4. Total GST
  5. Management fee. This is the cost for your admin to manage your group, your admin may or may not charge this. 
  6. Grand total.
    This is the total of all the charges and what you will owe your group admin once the order closes.

Note: At this stage credits do not show here. (We are working on it!).
To see the total you should pay if you have any credits or owe extra from previous orders please see your payment ledger by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner. 

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