Maintaining your members

Maintaining your members

For Group Admins Only

Navigate to the 'Group Amin' tab and open the 'Members' Tab. 

There are two ways you can add new members to your group: 
  1.     One at a time via the blue 'Add Member' button by entering their email address and clicking 'Invite'. If you would like to give the person you are adding Group Admin access, check the box before clicking Invite. 
  2.     All at once via an excel CSV upload. When you select this option, a templet is provided for you to use to enter each email address and determine their membership level. Once you have the list ready click upload. 


Sometimes members need to be removed from your group. You cannot remove a member while you have an open order

When you no longer have an open order, you can remove a member by visiting the Members tab, finding the member and clicking the 3 dots to the far right. 
From there select Remove Member

You can have as many admins in your group as you like. If you are getting an order shipped to someone address, you should give them admin access. 

Members tab
Find Member
Three dots to the far right
Promote to Admin or Demote from Admin. 
Demoted members will no longer see the Group Admin tab and no longer have admin functionality. 

IMPORTANT! You cannot delete a member while there is an order open. 

A list of invited members who are yet to sign up.
To re-send an invite, you can delete the existing invite using the 3 dots to the right and then re-invite your member. 

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